Future Topics



1405 Service
6-Year and 8-Rules
Army Board for the Correction Military Records
Active Duty Death SBP
Annual Retention Boards
Barring Act and Waivers
Continuing Medical Education Points
Correcting Retirement Points
DD 93 / SGLV
Death of a Retiree / Annuitant
Deferred Retirements (AGR)
Deferred SBP (Option A) / Changing SBP
Division of Retired Pay
Drilling While on a Medical Profile
Earning Retirement Points
Eligible SBP Beneficiaries
Family Programs Series
Highest Grade Held
Incapacitation Pay and Retirement Points
Other Uses of Retirement Points
Paid vs Unpaid Retirement Points
Paying for SBP or Investing the Premiums
Pending Law Change Reviews
Post-9/11 GI Bill
Retiree Appreciation Days
Rebuilding Retirement Points
Reduced Retirement Age
Requesting LESs
Retired Pay and VA Compensation
Retired Reserve vs Discharge
Retiree Commendation Packets
Retiree Newsletters
Retirement Points
RSO Certification Series
SBP Annuities
SBP Myths
SGLI / TSGLI / VGLI / Other Life Insurance
Should I File an IG Complaint?
State Retired Pay
State Service Benefits Series
Survivor Outreach Services
Transition Assistance Advisors / Veteran Services Officers
Taxability of Retired Pay
The “When I Die” Folder
Time In Grade Requirements
Tips For RPAs
Tricare Series
TSP Series
Types of ID Cards
Viewer Q / A
What Is the CSB and REDUX?
What is the Grey Area?
Work Situations


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