About D.J.

D.J. is a full-timer in the Michigan National Guard. He has served in the Army National Guard since 1994. D.J.'s military education includes the following courses.

Unit Attrition Management Course – 2001
Retirement Counselor Course – 2003
Retirement Points Accounting Manager Course – 2010
Survivor Benefit Plan Counselor Course – 2010
Defense Retiree and Annuitant Software Course – 2011
Advanced Survivor Benefit Plan Counselor Course – 2012

D.J. has held various positions during his service including Battalion Retention NCO for 1st Battalion, 121st Infantry (Georgia Army National Guard) in 2001 and as a retirement counselor in 1st Battalion, 108th Armor (Georgia Army National Guard) in 2003. These positions, including his service as the assistant Retirement Points Accounting Manager for the Michigan from 2010 to 2012, contributed to his assignment as the RPAM NCO for Michigan in 2012. A complete listing of his service is shown below.

May 1994 – April 1999: HHC, 1-108th Armor, Calhoun, GA (M-Day)
April 1999 – September 2001: Joint Operations Directorate, HQ, GA STARC, Marietta, GA (Full-Time)
September 2001 – December 2002: HHC, 1-121st Infantry, Winder, GA (Full-Time)
January 2003 – December 2004: Det 1, HHC, 1-108th Armor, Douglasville, GA (Full-Time)
December 2004 – May 2006: HHC, 1-108th Armor, Mahmudiyah, Iraq
June 2006 – December 2007: Company H, 121st Infantry (Airborne) (Long Range Surveillance), Tal Afar, Iraq
January 2008 – June 2008: HHT, 1-108th Cavalry (Reconaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition), Calhoun, GA (M-Day)
July 2008 – October 2008: 146th Multifunctional Medical Battalion, Ypsilanti, MI (M-Day)
November 2008 – Present: MI Joint Force Headquarters, Lansing, MI (Full-Time)

D.J.'s military awards as a result of his service in Operation Iraqi Freedom include the Army Achievement Medal, two Army Commendation Medals, the Combat Action Badge, the Michigan Distinguished Service Medal, and the Combat Order of the Spur from the 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment.

During his tenure in the retirement community, D.J. has had the opportunity to counsel service members from several of the active and reserve components. To date, he has assisted service members from the Army National Guard, Air National Guard, Army Reserve, Regular Army, Regular Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard with retirement issues, benefits, and planning. He has also assisted several surviving families with survivor benefits fulfillment and education.

D.J. is currently serving as the Retirement Points Accounting Manager for the State of Michigan. In addition to his normal duties, he has trained members of the Michigan Volunteer Defense Force as Retirement Services Officers, has been a guest instructor for Michigan's Career Counselor course, and has served as a subject matter expert in continuing education for currently serving career counselors within the Michigan Army National Guard.