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What Is the DIEMS / DIEUS Date?

This week we’re going to cover what is probably one of the simplest topics on my list: the DIEMS date (or DIEUS, if you’re Air Force). The DIEMS date – or date of initial entry into military service (date of initial entry into uniformed service, if you’re Air Force) – is the date you first acquired any type of military status.  There are many different types of military status.  It can be a contracted cadet in Senior ROTC (sorry all of you high school folks in JROTC), a member of the delayed entry program, a cadet at a military academy, or a member of a reserve component, to name just a few.


The most important factor determined by the DIEMS date (I know it’s redundant to call it that but it’s easier to say it this way in conversation) is the particular pay plan under which one falls for retirement purposes.  If you recall last week’s topic, Final Pay versus High-3 Pay, you already know that when you joined the military determines how your retired pay is calculated. The DIEMS date is what determines if you are in the final pay or high-3 category (before 8 September 1980 for final pay, high-3 for everyone on or after that date).


There are a lot of dates used for a variety of purposes in the military.  The DIEMS date is one of the few that can never change (unlike a Pay Entry Base Date or a Basic Active Service Date…. Don’t worry if you don’t know what those mean).  PEBDs and BASDs can change often throughout a career, but a DIEMS will always be that date on which you first gained a military status. It will not change (unless it is incorrect in your records).


This is probably the shortest article I’ve written since I started this blog.  Believe it or not, that is all I have for this week.


Thanks for joining me today and, of course, thank you for your service.



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