Types of Qualifying Active Duty for Reduced Retirement Age

Here is a list of the types of active duty service that qualify for reduced retirement age.  This is a direct copy from National Guard implementation guidance so there are a lot of funky acronyms.  If they’re not already defined in the table, I’ll define them at the end of the table.


Statute Limitations Factors/Examples
10 USC 12301




Declared by Congress:

·         In time of war or national emergency

·         No limit on number of Soldiers called up

Includes Selective Service in addition to the full mobilization of all Active Component (AC) and Reserve Component (RC) members


10 USC 12302

*Partial Mobilization


Declared by the President:

·         In time of national emergency

·         No more than 1,000,000 called up

·         No more than 24 months


The national emergency is declared in an Executive Order.  The 24-month period is tied to the Executive Order.  Any campaign tied to the EXORD counts towards the 24-month period

·         Example: Executive Order 13223, dated 14 Sep 01 (ties Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom together)

10 USC 12304

*Presidential Reserve Call-up (PRC)


Determined by the President:

·         Augmented the AD for operational missions

·         No more than 200,000 called up

·         No more than 365 days (12 months)


Generally used for operations with ‘boots on the ground for no more than 179 days

·         Example: KFOR, SFOR, etc

A Soldier can only participate one time in a “named” campaign under PRC.  A Soldier can participate in many PRCs as long as the official campaign name is different each time


10 USC 12301(d)

Any volunteers for Active Duty


Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA)and Assistant Secretary of the Army, Manpower and Reserve Affairs (ASA M&RA) may order to AD any member who:

·         Volunteers (i.e. must have member’s consent)

·         With the consent of the Governor or appropriate authority (i.e. The  Adjutant General [TAG])

Examples: Contingency Operation-AD for Operation Support (CO-ADOSs), ADOSs, Medical Retention Processing Unit, Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) violators waiting processing in some cases


10 USC  12301 (h) If a member is wounded or otherwise injured or becomes ill while serving on AD pursuant to an original call or order to AD under section 688, 12301 (a), 12302, 12304, 12305, 12406, and chapter 15 (insurrection), or under section 12301 (d) of Title 10 USC and is subsequently ordered to AD under section 12301 (h) (1) of this title. ·         Example: WTU medical care for the wound, injury or illness

·         Each day of AD under that order shall be treated as a continuation of the original call or order to AD


32 USC, 502 (f)



Called to Active Service by a governor and authorized by the President or the Secretary of Defense:

·         In time of national emergency declared by the President  or

·         National emergency supported by Federal Funds

·         AGR Service under T32 502(f) is not applicable towards reduced age retirement


Time not applicable towards reduced age retirement under sect. 647 of NDAA 2008: Soldiers attending service school under 502 (f)



·         Secure U.S. airports from terrorists

·         Assist in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina

·         Assist Department of Homeland Security in securing Southwest borders  of the United States

·         Support National Special Security Events as designated by the Department of Homeland Security such as Summer Olympics, G8 Summit



Acronym definitions:
AC – Active Component
AD – Active Duty
CO-ADOS – Contingency Operations Active Duty for Operational Support
EXORD – Executive Order
KFOR – Kosovo Force (a peacekeeping deployment in Kosovo)
NDAA – National Defense Authorization Act
RC – Reserve Component
SFOR – Stabilization Force (a peacekeeping deployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina)
T10 – Title 10 of United States Code (active duty and reserve law)
T32 – Title 32 of United States Code (National Guard law)
USC – United States Code (Federal law)
WTU – Warrior Transition Unit (a medical holding unit for injured service members)


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